On the last Friday of the outgoing year 2018, LNZ Group has celebrated the grand opening of their new Kyiv branch office. The event attended media representatives, the company’s management and honored guests. Following the traditions, the LNZ Group CEO have solemnly cut the red strip, and all of the guests have left their handprints on the big LNZ Group painting which have become a great decoration for their new office. The guests have been treated with exquisite cuisine from our professional partners FIGARO catering.

At the same evening, the LNZ Group team members were celebrating the outgoing year 2018 in a friendly atmosphere. The highlight and the real surprise and of the event became the performance of the S.K.A.Y group.

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Our projects

Opening of the SILPO store in the theme of “Chinese Cyberpunk”

Together with customers and shop guests, we plunged into the world of science fiction. In this genre, events often take place in the future, in a simulation or virtual space, in which the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds are blurred. Based on the theme of the event, the guests were able to:
• Move the ball with the power of thought

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New Year’s party “ASBIS Universe”

The guests of the evening were teleported to the universe of ASBIS, where they were met by alien friends, space entertainment and culinary delights of intergalactic chefs; an astrological forecast, a prediction on

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Synergy code of a Customer Service team

As part of the Customer Service Week, a business simulation “Synergy Code” was conducted for employees of the Customer Care division of CORTEVA. As a result, the participants worked out intra-team interaction on-

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