Full range consulting, from individual counseling to a prospective analysis of the company, which allow to:

  • Identify the root cause of the company’s economic problems
  • Leave out of crises without losses
  • Bring the company to success by defining a unique strategic line of development
  • Get complete and accurate information about the company state of affairs


Designing and implementing an effective management system includes defining a business performance formula (a system of indicators, indicators on the basis of which the state of the business can be assessed). In addition, an effective management system assumes the existence of an optimal system of distribution of functions, responsibilities, as well as an established system of staff motivation.

In the course of management consulting, the system of business processes is optimized. The structural-functional scheme, information exchange and work-flow between departments of the company are streamlined.


The human factor plays a primary role in the implementation of strategies and tasks set for the company. And only effective employees enable manager to move forward and achieve results. Within the budget of the company, personnel costs consyiyute a fairly large part. They can be from 15 to 70% of the total cost of the company budget. Unfortunately, not always the efficiency of the staff corresponds to its cost.


Today, a prerequisite for business success is an effective marketing system. The effectiveness of marketing is determined by how profitable the company is in general, and how successfully it manages to control the market behavior of its existing and potential customers. The practical use of marketing consulting is to increase the company’s profitability, which is achieved through the development and implementation of a set of projects that ensure the effective impact of the company on the market and consumer satisfaction.

STRATEGIC MARKETING is a systematic analysis of the needs and demands of key consumer groups, which purpose is to ensure the competitive advantage of companies.

OPERATIONAL MARKETING (tactical) is a specific program of the company’s actions on organizing an effective distribution, sales and communication policy in order to promote goods in consumer markets.

Different areas of marketing consulting are interrelated and constitute a unified marketing system, and they can be implemented separately, according to the most relevant areas for the company. We will develop a strategic marketing plan taking into account the specifics of the business and the individual characteristics of a particular client, based on the actual needs of the market and unique key success factors of a client.

We will create an action plan for the implementation of the marketing strategy with a clear definition of objectives, a specific plan-schedule of marketing activities, with the definition of the optimal budget, expected results and benchmarks for assessing effectiveness of implementation.

We are interested in your success and offer further consulting support for the implementation of the marketing plan.

If necessary, we will train your employees to use the developed marketing tools effectively and to work obtaining the maximum practical results in business.



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