The LNZ Group expresses its gratitude to BRIK consulting for its successful comprehensive organization of B2B events for our company. BRIK employees can take into account all our wishes, to offer creative non-standard solutions for the implementation of all tasks. They always promptly and qualitatively prepare proposals and conduct the event with excellence.

Joint-Stock Company expresses gratitude to BRIK consulting company for long-term and productive cooperation in conducting business trainings. We are grateful to our partner and appreciate the fact that the programs which are developed for our employees are always prepared on the basis of practical cases in the work of the bank and are focused on the actual training goals of the participants.

Programs that are prepared and carried out by BRIK consulting team for KONTI employees are always carefully prepared. Tactical and strategic tasks are always taken into account. The activities are useful and practical. Trainings are remembered by the practical exercises, lively discussions an inspiring atmosphere.

In partnership with BRIK consulting, we conducted comprehensive trainings for our employees of various levels. Due to the trainings our employees received a set of practical tools for daily work as well as positive charge of inspiration.

We are happy to recommend BRIK consulting as a reliable and professional partner ready to share experience and knowledge. STB is pleased to continue cooperate with BRIK consulting as an educational partner who helps develop business skills of our employees.

PJSC Kyivstar thanks the consulting and training company BRIK consulting for its contribution to the training and development of the company’s employees. In 2014, BRIK consulting trainers developed and conducted a series of events that resulted in defining a number of rules for the management of remote teams and established effective cross-functional interaction.

BRIK consulting training programs are always based on the practical situations of our company’s business and focused on the actual tasks of the participants. Individual approach to the needs of the Bank and high customer orientation of BRIK consulting ensures training efficiency. We can confidently recommend BRIK consulting as a trusted partner in training and staff development.

BRIK consulting consultants create training programs taking into account the peculiarities of work processes, business processes and current tasks of the training participants. Detailed preparation of training programs and professionalism of trainers contribute to the effectiveness of training.

Nielsen in Ukraine expresses sincere gratitude to BRIK consulting team for their excellent work during the training workshops “Master of Negotiations”.

We appreciate that BRIK consulting showed exceptional attention to us as a client, understanding of the specifics of our business and attention to the tasks that we face.

BRIK consulting devotes a lot of attention to the level of internal motivation of training participants, their resource status and emotional mood. Trainings create a positive and inspirational atmosphere, make it possible to identify and enhance potential for development! We would like to notice high professionalism ofBRIK-consulting consultants, who thoroughly understand specifics of our business and take them into account.

PJSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” expresses its sincere gratitude to BRIK consulting consulting and training company for its high level of professionalism during the “Team in Action” training held in December 2013. It is worth noting professional approach increating the program taking into account the needs of our Bank.

BRIK consulting methods proved their usefulness and efficiency in practice: serious pre-training preparation, case development, based on the realities of the company’s work, post-marketing support. The emotional atmosphere created during each training deserves special attention. We thank BRIK consulting for long-term and productive cooperation.

We are completely satisfied with the quality of services provided by the company BRIK consulting. We would especially like to mention an innovative approach to the work of the company’s employees, a focus on the needs of the client and a global immersion in the problems being solved.

We want to thank the consulting and training company BRIK consulting for the fruitful cooperation and partnership.

In partnership with BRIK consulting various training programs were conducted, which are distinguished by an individual approach to the company’s requirements, developed taking into account the peculiarities of our business, goals and objectives, as well as the level of professionalism of the group members. The atmosphere created during the training encouraged perception of information and learning.

Consulting and training company BRIK consulting has become for us a professional, result-oriented partner. Thanks to the work of BRIK consulting, our employees receive new tools to help them realize their goals.

We express our gratitude to BRIK consulting for the development and implementation of training programs. We can confidently recommend BRIK consulting as a reliable and professional partner in corporate training and employees development.

On behalf of Europa Auto company, I would like to thank you for the fruitful work done for our company. Thanks to the efforts of your company, creative, innovative approach we managed to build an effective sales system and create a motivational program for the personnel.

We conducted training and development projects with BRIK consulting company. Training programs provided the opportunity to develop professional skills, transfer theoretical knowledge into practical skills and contribute to the personal growth of participants.

I-free company thanks BRIK consulting for conducting our corporate event. Thanks to the professionalism, creativity and consistent work of your team, our holiday turned out to be bright, unusual, fun and memorable.

We express our gratitude to BRIK Consulting and to the trainer Rybnikova Alexandra for developing and conducting the training “Effective Sales”. The goals set by our company before the training were successfully achieved. As a result of the work of the trainer, we received positive feedback from the participants who noted the practical significance of the training, accessibility, comprehensiveness and structuring of the material, professionalism of the coach.

Densply company thanks BRIK consulting for its co-operation and well conducted training. We look forward to further cooperation and we recommend BRIK consulting as a trusted partner in training and staff development.

We did not make a mistake when, after the tender, we decided to cooperate with BRIK consulting. Later, the success of the project was noted by representatives of both the Ukrainian and Danish sides. High professionalism and excellent practical knowledge in the field of the management of the coach himself, along with excellent English proficiency, were noted.

The method used by the trainer-consultant Raisa Kulik is characterized by an individual approach to the requirements of the customer, the goals and objectives the customer is facing and taking into account the level of professionalism of the team members.

BRIK consulting offers a wide range of business services and uses a comprehensive approach working on projects. During the joint work, business coaches and consultants showed high level of professionalism, competence, understanding of the goals and objectives of our company.

TV Sale Company thanks the BRIK consulting company and personally Alexander Rybnikova for fruitful cooperation in training our employees in the program “Effective Sales by Phone”. We continue to work with BRIK consulting and can recommend the company as a trusted Professional Partner.

LLC METINVEST expresses its gratitude to the trainer-consultant Raisa Kulik for many years of joint work in the field of training and development of personnel engaged in sales at various levels. Each joint project corresponds to the tasks of our company, and also takes into account the wishes of participants and executives, regardless of at what stages of the project they are formulated, which is positively reflected both in the process of implementation of projects and on their results.


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